Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The first day

It is Thursday, June 2nd, 2:10 AM (EST), and allready I'm addicted to Gorgon Box. I stumbled upon an article at, which mentioned a website:, and the fact that there is something more to it then you realize, secrets hidden within a webpage. It all seems very similar to what happened with Halo 2 and Anyways, on the page you can either "code" or "decode" a message, which does exactly what you think it would do. Also, what at first looks like a decoration is the 9 letters/numbers stacked in rows of 3. The trick is, by clicking these letters/numbers, you can rotate the containing box around it.
It took me less then 10 minutes to play around with them, and I found that by setting all 9 boxes to the top-right corner, a message appeared on your screen. A flash of what appears to be code shows up only for a second, and then is replaces by the numbers: 836.237.3690, Not long after that, I figured out the meaning of those numbers, it was a telephone number.
My phone isn't working, but a Google search turned up about 5 messageboards where people were chatting about the site. A few people have called the phone number, and were resplied to with a voice reading out random code. Obiously, it was meant to be decripted. Decripting the code turns up this:
So its safe to say that this will be another video game. By the makers of Halo 2? Maybe, or just a copy of a really good idea.
Here's what Wikipedia has to say about 'Gorgon':
And last on the list for today, pictures people (not me) have already discovered:
All three were taken from different locations. Now, using common sense, we can deduct that there is a 0518 and 0519, unfortunately, the makers are not stupid, and precede the address with a random folder.
That's all for today. I will hopefully be using this messageboard thread as a base of operation, as well as this weblog.
Good night.
EDIT: Yes, I said I was going to sleep, but I found another picture:
EDIT #2: I found another:
EDIT #3: I did a WHOIS look up (found information on the people/company that purchased and this is what it came up with: - which is a site specifically for people who don't want to be known. These guys are smart. Very smart.


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